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3.0l engine

  1. Engine & Performance
    Have a 3.0L M54 out of a 01 330, it's out of the car and on a stand, asking 1500, also have the 6speed and driveshaft.
  2. Engine & Performance
    Hello, I have a set of OEM Camshafts for a BMW 3.0L M54 engine. I bought them brand new from the local BMW dealership, to use for a project car I have been building. They were only installed on the car for a short time, (about 6 months) because I decided to go with schrick camshafts instead...
  3. Engine & Performance
    I recently purchased a cold air intake for my 330Ci and i accidently bought two of them. To send the intake back would have had crazy shipping costs. This is a full set-up. The box was just opened to check contents, and make sure that the intake was intact. BRAND NEW. It includes the intake...
  4. Engine & Performance
    FS: 2003 330i 3.0L Engine and AutoTrans For Sale 2003 330i 3.0L Engine 87,000 miles runs perfect Includes intake manifold, throttle body, water pump, fan, thermostat, coil packs, sensors, harmonic balancer, filter housing, dipstick, engine covers and motor mounts.$3500 + shipping I...