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  1. E70 X5 3.0si Certified PreOwned 12/2015 or 100K

    Complete Cars - Non-Private Posting this for a good friend: 2010 X5 in mint condition, lots of extras and priced below market to sell. It comes with a transferable BMW certified pre-owned warranty that is valid for 2 more full years or up to 100 thousand miles.The X5 is...
  2. |Some images from the Bikini wash in Fairfax|

    The Showroom
    DIGITULHEAVEN photos_____________ Good turn out, props to Stacy for setting it up. And for a great cause it was, money for the oil spill clean up. Props to Pej, his Aston is lookin fly, what up to Tim, Brian, Jason, and whom ever I'm forgetting at 4 am.
  3. HYPERFEST 2010 was CRAZY-

    The Showroom
    I have covered this event far and wide, all the photos/videos are posted here- please click on them for high-res. Also, don't be afraid to comment! Be sure to check out the site everyday for a wide variety of car lover stuff! <a href=""></a>

    The Showroom
    I know this is now old news, but enjoy some coverage from Sumospeed. Here are a few picturess, the rest are on
  5. -----Official Bimmerfest '10 Thread-----

    So i know a lot of you are mad that it isn't going to be in SB this year, but face it, it's still Bimmerfest and i'm still excited. :excited: Anyone else excited?
  6. FS: 2010 M3 SMG Shift Knob & Boot (NEW) & E46 SMG Shift Knob (MINT)! LOTS OF PICS!

    FS: 2010 M3 SMG Shift Knob & Boot (NEW) & E46 SMG Shift Knob (MINT)! LOTS OF PICS! Hey Guys, #1 Selling my 2010 M3 SMG shift knob - NEVER USED & NEVER INSTALLED BRAND NEW! You can use this knob on a E46 SMG... and wire it so it lights up too! It's very easy, just cut the leather boot so it...