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  1. All Other BMWs
    My car is 2006 X3 but I think my question will cover other BMW models too. My SUV dont have heated seats. If i change my seat with other X3 seat that is heated and I also change the electronic switch that turn on/off the seat heat, will that work? Anyone tried this method? Thanks Abbas
  2. Electronics
    Hello I wonder if I can use an AUX input for my radio. I think my car is from 2006 or 2003. It is an BMW 320i E46. The radio display "SV 18-03 520" on the last debug mode screen after cycling trough them with the clock button. I tried to use the DIY AUX input but it did not work. I got not AUX...
  3. E46 M3
    Hi Folks, I just purchased a 2006 M3 convertible and was wondering about whether a hard top and/or a wind deflector were parts that were worth having. After a rather grim winter here in Massachusetts I'm thinking I might want to stow the rag top next winter. A hard top seems to make sense. As...
  4. E90 Showroom
    2006 E90 Absolutely NO CHROME:thanks::thanks::thanks::thanks:
  5. California
    2006 zhp for sale white coupe with navigation 82750 miles service records available great conditon!
  6. E46 General
    My car is an 2006 M3 and previous owner installed some aftermarket tweeters into the rear shelf. I will be removing those and I will be replacing the modified rear shelf for a stock one. However, after some searching, I've seen some varieties of rear shelf, so I would like to know which year...
  7. E46 General
    why do some cost $$1000 + and some cost 200 to 300 dollars..... are the cheaper one replicas ? and does it matter wich one i buy? im a newb so hate all you want idc just help a ***** out :)
1-7 of 7 Results