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2004 325i

  1. Hey!!!!!!!! - Money shifted, blew engine

    General E46 Forum
    I don't really know much about engines which is why I'm here. Well I drive a 2004 Bmw 325ci w/ manual transmission. I was on the freeway and mis shifted gears (3rd going to 2nd). My car started making knocking noises so I pulled over. Turned my car off to check it out and next thing you know it...
  2. Should I buy a 2004 325i?

    General E46 Forum
    I am thinking about buying a 2004 325i. I have never owned a BMW before; so I thought I would ask here about the known issues and maintenance costs of this type of vehicle. I read the sticky for the 10 most common repairs. I am very mechanically inclined and have lots of tools. I drive...
  3. Help,On Drive My Car Does Not Move Uphill Cold Start

    General E46 Forum
    Hello, I have a 2004 BMW 325I and my car does not move when I rev my engine up a hill on drive. I changed my transmission fluid my car has 90k miles on it does anybody know what it could be? After I get my car moving it shifts smoothly. I don't have any check engine lights on.
  4. not the battery! HELP

    General E46 Forum
    Ok 1st post here goes. Left work the other day and noticed my battery light came on about 5 minutes later. I attributd it to the weather here in ATLANTA dropping to 40s overnight so thought okay ill check the battery when i get home. Well 10 miles later my gauge cluster starts lighting up like...
  5. 2004 325i Low Mileage 57k miles

    Complete Cars - Private
    For those who have followed my thread here: I've finally have an F10 on order. Now, I need to start selling my beloved 2004 325i. I have pampered this car. As you can see from the pictures, the car looks like few-month-old car. It's always...
  6. Noise from front end

    Suspension & Braking
    I need help from someone with a bit more mechanical savvy than I have... I can fix it all, I just can't diagnose for beans. Today I have a noise coming from my front end. It's only at low low speeds (< 5mph) and only audible when I'm turning, for example: into or out of a parking spot...