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2003 325

  1. E46 325 2003 325i 174.000 miles

    Complete Cars - Private
    I'm testing the waters to sell my 2003 BMW 325I, the car is my daily driver and it has 174.000 miles, don't get fooled by the mileage, this car is in excellent shape and runs better than many cars with 100.000 miles less. Always 93 (or 91 if I don't find 93) octane gas, fuel system cleaner every...
  2. Need Lower arm bushings 325ci

    Suspension and Braking
    i own a 2003 bmw325ci and my bushings are completely blown causing wear on my tires to accelerate. Anyone who is parting parts or have a set a lower arm bushings i am willing to buy.
  3. Gasoline Type for my Bimmer

    General E46 Forum
    Hi, Mine is a 2003 325i , 5 speed.. I'm not sure about which kind of Gas to use for my car. The Regular 87 or the premium 91 .. the Manual says to use 91. I live in USA.. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Sam