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  1. Australia
    Hey, I've got a 2002 320i E46 4dr Sedan sitting around and I'm really considering doing it up for my first car. (I'm turning 17, I'm a mechanic and looking to build up a show car type style that I will also daily drive). What are some really aggressive/sexy body kits to get in Australia or that...
  2. General E46 Forum
    Hello Recently, I became a proud owner of a 2002 bmw e46 320d touring. I love the car, but since it is not new, obviously there are some small problems, specially in places where plastic parts are involved. One of these places is the business cassette radio unit, where the volume knob became...
  3. General E46 Forum
    I've seen a couple of threads regarding mirrors but I'm still having issues getting my passenger side mirror to work. The driver side works and the passenger reverse tilt works but I can't adjust it. I replaced both ECU's and the toggle switch. I also replaced the passenger side motor. Still...
  4. General E46 Forum
    Hi there, Was driving home from work a few days ago and got stuck in some standstill traffic. Was not really paying much attention, until I looked up and noticed my temp guage was lit up (yes, I didn't notice until the light was on). I immediately turned off my car but didn't have a place to...
  5. General E46 Forum
    Hey all I think the "help a noob" tag is the most fitting for this one First time poster though have used the site a handful of times already. I had a quick search through the forums to try and find an answer to my question though there are a lot of posts about new weird noises so it was like...
  6. E46 Convertible
    We have a 2002 330ci and want to replace the missing subwoofer with a 2004 subwoofer. We need help with the wiring colors. We purchased a new/used 2004 subwoofer from eBay which included the both sides of terminal connectors on the new/used sub (which was good because the people we bought the...
  7. General E46 Forum
    I have a 2002 325i sedan, this is the first winter having it, and I started having problems whenever it was below freezing. The driver's door will open, but then will not stay latched when you close it from outside (door just hits the car and comes back open). if you open it, get in and pull...
  8. General E46 Forum
    Car alarm has started going off on it's own, no idea ofwhat's triggering it (it's in plain sight, no signs of foul play or large rodent on hood) anything obvious I can follow up on right away before considering replacement, could the problem be the keys vs alarm in the car? ( fyi - I haven't...
  9. General E46 Forum
    Hi, this is my first post here :) I bought a 2002 330ci m-sport a couple months ago (first car), and so far i love it. It ran quiet and smooth in every way until last night. Last night the red battery light came on for a couple seconds while i revved it, then it went out. A minute later it came...
  10. General E46 Forum
    Whenever I start my 2002 325i, there is always a strong gas smell. It goes away after a few minutes but I don't think this is normal. I know my Oxygen Sensor is bad, but I haven't gotten around to repairing it. Any Ideas as to where the gas smell is coming from?
  11. Forced Induction Forum
    Hey guys i have a 2002 330ci manual trans with 180k miles. Not a problem with the engine ever. Its been very well taken care of. I was thinking about getting a TT turbo kit. My concern is how reliable FI m54b30's are with stock internals? How reliable have your setups been and do you recommend...
  12. NY / NJ / CT
    So sad to say this... I'm going to be selling my Alpine White Bmw 325i.. Unfortunately I have to part with her. So many great memories. Gotta make sacrifices in life, and hope for the best. It has 114k on it, Converted power M3 seats. Rotora front bbk... And more. Selling for 3k, So cheap...
  13. New England
    Asking price- $6800 Steel grey e46, sports package, Harman Kardon surround sound system, cold air intake, and tints. Manual Transmission. No lights on dash. Clean. Drives perfectly. Will listen to Trade offers. Recently replaced for maintenance (at 128,000 miles): -expansion tank...
  14. General E46 Forum
    I own a 2002 BMW 330ci and want to update my whole gps and computer system how would i go about doing that??
  15. Car Care & Detailing
    Howdy, I would like to restore the pain on my 2002 318i if possible, however the paint on the bonnet/hood is looking really poor. Is this clear coat failure or is it something that could be polished/buffed out with love and sweat? The car was purchased a little while ago, and lives outside...
  16. Donaldson Park

    2002 330i -- 5M -- BSM
  17. Edison Boat Docks

    2002 330i -- 5M -- BSM
  18. Edison Boat Docks

    2002 330i -- 5M -- BSM
  19. Car Wash

    2002 330i -- 5M -- BSM
  20. Seaside Heights

    2002 330i -- 5M -- BSM
1-20 of 42 Results