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2000 323i

  1. 2000 BMW 323i 5 spd. Manual Transmission For Sale in Southern California

    2000 BMW 323i - E46 For Sale $1,900 5spd. Manual Transmission; Will need clutch replacement soon. OEM Clutch and Pressure plate on Amazon approx. $150.00, if you are a DYI-er. Registration due January 24, 2019 Odm: 213,300 Interior: Tan Exterior: Black NO OBD2 CODES - Smogged in June 2019...
  2. 2000 323i Auto Transmission won't shift

    General E46 Forum
    So the issue is engine blew on my 323i, pulled it, put in another engine from a 323i. The transmission worked without issue before the swap. Got everything hooked up and in place, the care will drive, go into reverse, neutral but will not shift through the gears. On the dash there is a gear and...
  3. Check Engine light turning on/off when driving

    General E46 Forum
    Let me start by saying I drive a 2000 BMW 323i. So while I'm driving my check engine light sometimes turns on, and after no more than a minute will turn off. It's very inconsistent, sometimes it'll be right on the start, sometimes it'll happen 6 or 7 times in a day, and sometimes it won't go on...
  4. Help! Tensioner Pulley broke off, what's it connected to? Repairable?

    General E46 Forum
    Hey guys, long-time lurker. I know I don't post much, but I'm looking for some major help here. What I believe is my tensioner pulley fell out/broke off of my car and took a piece of whatever mounted it with it. I am wondering if it was connected to another part that can be replaced, such as a...
  5. Ok, Tensioner is NOT supposed to break HERE! Waddo I do?

    General E46 Forum
    2000 323i tensioner pulley. As you can see in the picture, the pulley mechanism itself did not break. It actually broke the metal that the pulley bolts into. My question is, is this bracket replaceable, or is it actually part of the engine block? I try to avoid posting questions that have...
  6. 2000 323i sedan black on black part out

    Parting Out
    Car is being parted out now! If you want something and i tell you a total price, pay me within 24 hours or i may sell it to someone else. The receipt for the trans is attached. I have a nice set of LED taillights, pm me an offer No speakers, radio or factory intake. Radiator Support: SOLD...
  7. HELP! 323i leaking antifreeze

    General E46 Forum
    Hello, I recently bought a 2000 323i, car is in tip top shape very clean only 100k miles and very well maintained. Car is 5 speed and drove it fine. The other day my coolant light came up so i bought 50/50 and filled it up. Unaware about bleeding, today i was driving and i see a bunch of smoke...
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  11. 2000 323i Still Overheating & Still No Heat From Heater

    General E46 Forum
    I had a major coolant leak on the freeway. Low coolant light came on then temp gauge started creeping up. Fortunately, I was close to home, & after (slowly) adding coolant 3 times, got it back into my garage without overheating. Found a 4" long crack in the expansion tank. Removed tank &...