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  1. Wheels and Tires
    For Sale (4) Apex ARC-8's, 18x9 ET42, gloss black, Winston-Salem,NC. $800 obo. . . with new Apex center caps (or use your BMW ones), Apex boxes and packing. Wheels are sold. One pair of Bimmerworld 12mm spacers with longer bolts are still available... $90 obo. Thanks.
  2. Site Sponsor Group Buys
    APEX ARC-8 Wheel Group Buy (Round #5 & #6) This Group Buy is now CLOSED Due to hundreds of requests from members, we are hosting more Group Buys for the ARC-8 wheels Customers have been inquiring about this specific round since October 2011 Other sizes will be available in upcoming Group...
  3. The Showroom
    Hey everyone, my name is Adam and I finally bought (well 6 months ago) the car that I've wanted since I bought my first car in 2000... I really want an Imola on Imola but that combo is super super rare and only came in M3, or so I have heard. 2001 325Ci Cabriolet Orient Blue 5-speed Bought it...
  4. Site Sponsor Group Buys
    18" APEX ARC-8 Track Wheel Group Buy Round ## Now Open! Combined with M3Forum.net ApexRaceParts.com - Aftermarket Performance EXpress All members receive $100 OFF the set price plus FREE SHIPPING within the 48 states. Alaska, Hawaii, and international buyers receive a $75 shipping credit The...