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  1. Tires, Wheels
    When it comes time to buy new shoes for your e46, how do you choose? As many of you will already know: Choice is subjective, personal. Not objective or in any way scientifically measured. It is likely never true that a tyre and size on someone else's car means it will perform the same way...
  2. Tires, Wheels
    what do y'all think of the fitment here? i want to make sure these things look right. i love the look but I'm a wheel noob so i want to know how y'all feel about these tires and wheels. such a worthwhile upgrade in my opinion. these are 18in beyern spartans on a continental all season tire...
  3. Tires, Wheels
    STR 601's 18x9.5 all around et35, Stretched 215/35/18's Lowered all the way on coil overs. On the coil overs, my stock wheels (style 54) are rubbing the spring ever so slightly. EDIT: Up front Only They're 16x7 et47 with 205/55/16. Will the new wheels rub the strut? If so, what size spacers...
  4. Tires, Wheels
    Would squared 18x8 et 20 style 135's (from a 2010 535i) fit on an 04 330i sedan. Any spacers needed?
  5. Tires, Wheels
    This is my first post on here. I have a 2002 325ci and looking through all these threads and all the different tires and wheels I am going nuts. All I really want is either an 18 or 19 inch wheel with the correct tires that would be a good fit for my car with the stock sport suspension. I really...
  6. Tires, Wheels
    Hi guys! I've been lurking on here for quite a while now and I thought I'd best make at least one post, so here goes. Be easy on me! I've got a set of standard staggered OEM MV1's on my 325 Coupe at the moment. The MV1's are wrapped in the typical 225/40/18 and 225/35/18 Continental Sport 3's...
  7. Tires, Wheels
    Been looking around for a while and I really like the csl style rims for the e46. I want to get set for my Steel blue 04 MT 325i sedan but i can't decide on size- 18 or 19. I'd really like to see what both sizes look like on the car Are there any pros/cons to either? PICTURES with both sizes...
  8. Pacific Northwest, Hawaii
    I purchased these a few months ago from another forum member. The wheels are in Excellent condition and the tires only have about 200miles on them. I put them on my M3 when we had the snow/ice in January. They turned the car into a German Snowmobile!!! I had no issues getting around and they...
  9. Blkdimond 1

    32% Tint, 18" wheels, Stock non-sport suspension 2003 325i
  10. Blkdimond 2

    32% Tint, 18" wheels, Stock non-sport suspension 2003 325i
  11. Blkdimond 3

    32% Tint, 18" wheels, Stock non-sport suspension,2003 325i
1-11 of 12 Results