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17 inch

  1. Tire & Wheel Forum
    Hey there, I drive a 2000 323i and was wondering if 17'' Style-44 rims with 235/45R17 winter tires on will fit my car? also will it fit without any rubbing? thank you!
  2. Australia
    ok condition, Bad tyres, one has a hole in the side wall set of 4 Set of 4, no tyres ok condition Set of 5, bad tyres, 2 have no tyres at all, average condition they are all 17s, Aiming to get $200 for each set, but oppened for offers. Also have 2 of this style wheels (without motorsport...
  3. Tire & Wheel Forum
    I am shopping for tires to put on some 17in x 8in wheels. This guy at a tire shop suggested I get 205/40s yet I kind of want to go with 225/45s. Does anyone have an opinion on this? They are going on a 99 323i sedan.
  4. Wheels and Tires
    i got a set of 17 inch bmw 525i rims for sale 500 or best offer...mint condition and brand new tires. no scratches, scuff marks, or anything of that kind. great shape. get back to me
  5. my new 320

    my new 320

    my new 320
  6. my new 320

    my new 320

    my new 320