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      2005 330i manual transmission performance package
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      Use a smaller 5/16" fuel hose that won't collapse. But that will still result in higher than normal vacuum being created. I regulate the vacuum by bleeding off some vacuum with a hose going to the intake before the throttle body.
      He is using an M56 valve cover, which has an integrated CCV, so a 5/16" I.D. hose is too small to fit.
      This is the vacuum hose I use for connecting the M56 valve cover to the intake - thick-walled quality silicone that doesn't collapse: has an inside diameter very close to the stock plastic ribbed hoses, so the corresponding M56 and M54 end fittings can be transplanted right in.

      There are two problems with this swap:
      1. people don't know if the original M56 vacuum regulating valve inside a used cover still works
      2. no one seems to know what are the "normal" crankcase vacuum levels on the SULEV engines.
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      Yes there is a lot of suction. I had misfires with fuel cut off before. The way it sits now no misfires. Idk cuz more vacuum now. I did change throttle body and intake manifold back to one they came with car cuz my air distribution rail broke.
      Idk if I should put the stock Ccv back on again.
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