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2002 Sedan Clear Turn Signal Install
Written by: Jamie January 12, 2002

Tools Needed:
BMW supplied Phillips screwdriver
BMW supplied wrench

Ordering Information:
Call Maximillian Importers at (800) 950-2002 and ask for either Matt or Paul in parts.
The part numbers are as follows (pick the Front kit with trim that matches your headlights):
Front kit with Titanium Trim: 63-13-0-141-572
Front kit with Black Trim: 63-13-0-141-567
Rear kit: 63-21-0-141-573

Estimated time: 45 min

1. Open your hood. Each corner light is held on with simply one screw. Remove one of the screws and pull the first corner out. (Be careful not to drop this screw! It is VERY difficult to retrieve it from the sealed front bumper of the 2002 sedan) Unplug all connections and set the old signal aside. You may also take this time to install new bulbs
2. Make sure that the tabs line up correctly to ensure a proper fit. Once the light has been lined up correctly, secure it in place with the screw previously removed. Repeat the above steps for the other side. Once the front corners have been replaced, you may close your hood and wipe it clean.
3. To remove the side markers, simply push the light forward towards the front bumper and you will feel it resist (it has a metal spring tab which pushes back against it, holding the side marker in place) Slip a credit card (or similar flat plastic object) to pry the back end of the light out. Once the back in out, the light will simply pull out. You can now replace the bulb if desired.
4. To place the new side marker, put the front corner in the hole created by removing the old light. Press forward to depress the spring tab and push the back side down firmly Repeat the above steps for the other side. The front and side installs (both) took me about 15 minutes and was a piece of cake. The rears are another story.
5. Open the trunk. Remove the carpet from the trunk lid (You must remove the gray screw tabs to do this) Pull each tab out (they aren't screwed in) and the carpet should come off.
6. There is a black tab holding the bulbs to the trunk lid lights. Press the tab backwards and the bulbs should snap free. Set the bulbs aside
7. There is 1 screw holding the light to the trunk lid. Remove them using the wrench supplied in the trunk tool kit (or any wrench that will work) The light should come loose and can be lifted off the trunk lid. To replace the light, (assuming we are working on the left light) place the tabs in place and roll the light towards the trunk. Replace the screws to secure the light into place. Replace the bulbs back into place, ensuring that the tab snaps back into place. Repeat for the other trunk lid light, and then replace the carpet.
8. To install the rear corners, took 2 people on my vehicle. The reason was I didn't want to remove the trunk carpeting (because I have a subwoofer and amp installed that prevented this) Unscrew the black screw securing the bulbs to the turn signal housing. Unplug the bulbs and set them aside (you can replace the bulbs at this time, if needed)
9. I removed just enough carpet "push pins" to fold it back away from the trunk opening. I then had one person holding the carpet back and at the same time, holding back the black plastic protective covering at the opening of the trunk. While the carpet and covering were held back, I removed 3 screws from the back of the light. The corner at this point came free. Place the new corner in place, and replace the screws you just removed. Place the carpet back to its original positions, and do the same to the protective covering. Reconnect the bulbs, and place them back the way they were before.
10. Repeat these steps for the other side, and you are done!