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Brake Pad Replacement
Written by: KromeX (https://www.e46fanatics.com) October 24, 2001

Tools Needed:
Jack Stands
7mm Allen Wrench
Tools included in your trunk.
Bungee cord or anything you can use to support the brake caliper after unbolting it
Gloves (optional)
Estimated time: 1.5 hours

1. These instructions are for the driver's side front rotor. The others' are easier to replace.
2. Open your hood and loosen the brake fluid cap. Do not leave it open as brake fluid may spill out.
3. Loosen the lug bolts on the wheel.
4. Jack up the car and use a jack stand to support the car. Take the wheel off to expose the brake rotor.
5. You will need to remove this clip. Use a screwdriver and pry it off.
6. After removing the clip, look behind the calipers. There will be black caps as illustrated in this image. These caps can be easily removed with your hands.
7. After removing the caps, (2) 7mm hex bolts will be exposed. Use the 7mm allen wrench to remove these.
8. Wiggle the brake caliper to get it off the rotor. Do not force it. After it has come off the rotor, use the bungee cord to support it or you can rest it on something. This is to prevent putting weight on the brake wires and brake pad sensor.
9. To remove this sensor, use a thin flat head screw driver and pry it out of the socket. Avoid puncturing the line the sensor is attached to.
10. Do not lose this clip. The clip will be reused on your new brake pads to hold the sensor.
11. Take the old pad off and reuse the clip on the new pad. Pop the sensor back in and pop the new brake pads in.
12. Clip the caliper back on the rotor.
13. Put the spring clip back on the caliper.
14. Put the 7mm hex bolts back on and tighten them. Put the caps back on and you're done.
15. The sensors only reside on the driver's side front and passenger side rear. The other rotors do not have the sensors so you can skip steps 8 through 10 for the other two calipers. Remember to tighten the brake fluid cap.