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M3 Dead Pedal
Written by: jAb June 3, 2001

Tools Needed:
phillips screwdriver
M3 dead pedal in your cars trim color
Coupe Black....
Coupe Gray.....
Coupe Beige....
Sedan Black....

Estimated time: 30 minutes

1. The first thing you need to do is remove the trunk release lever from the panel using the phillips-head screwdriver.
2. Once the lever is removed you will notice a second screw in the area that was covered by the lever. Remove this one as well
3. After those two screws are removed you want to loosen the interior trim panel along the lower door sill.
4. As you can see this is held in place by clips. It takes a little bit of force to get them to pop out but not much. Be careful not to break them. You might want to remove the whole piece but just pulling it up a little gives you more than enough room to work with.
5. You also need to loosen the black trim panel located beneath the steering wheel. Removing it completely will make it easier but again I found just loosening it gives you plenty of room to work with. Start with the three screws located on the upper left.
6. One screw behind the pedals.
7. Two clips beneath the steering wheel
8. Finally there is a weird connector to the bottom right on the center console
9. Next step is to pull out the dead pedal so it is over the trim that runs up the door jamb.
10. After these pieces have been loosened you need to release the clip on the pedal trim panel that connects it to the black panel in the upper left hand side. To do this just pull the upper trim panel towards you and push the pedal trim away from you and down disengaging this clip.
11. This is the back of the dead pedal, it shows the two clips that are holding the panel in place (top right and center). It takes a bit of wiggling to get it out, you need to pull this panel towards the center of the car far enough to get the clearance on the clips. It helps to pull towards the center and towards the rear of the car at the same time. Be careful not to pull the panel too far once it releases as the trunk release button is connected to it.
12. Undo the small wire harness clip.
13. Remove the panel the rest of the way.
14. To remove the trunk release button from the panel just push in the two metal clips on the sides of it and push the button through the panel.
15. Now that the old panel is out all you have to do is install the new one in and your done. Basically your just following the above steps in reverse. Put the trunk release button in the new dead pedal panel and reattach the wire harness. Snap the trim panel into place and put the other panels that were loosened and/or removed back into place.