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I know it's been a while, but finally had time to start getting going on this.

Seems the coolant loss has lessened a bit as temps (weather) increased. Haven't really driven it, short trips to store and such, just to keep fuids moving. Each time had to add coolant because I'd check and was lower than when I last topped it off. Had to add about a little more than an ounce each time (2x).

But I finally got to the engine. Pulled plugs, they looked alright, nothing really standing out. Replaced them anyways.

Warmed engine up, took it for short spin, put it up on ramps, and did the compression tests... Didn't do cold test, or wet. Went straight to go! Did tests 2x to confirm numbers...

Cylinders PSI

So cylinders 1 & 2 aren't looking good. Add to it, those two plugs looked "wet" when pulled, smelled faintly like coolant, but definitely small droplets on the new plugs electrodes for those cylinders. Yes, DME relay pulled so couldn't be gas, and no gas smell anyways

Could do a coolant system pressure test, but I'm pretty sure it's the HG. Engine is running really rough now too until warmed up. Is driveable, but worried about prolonged use and possible worse damage.

So have to make some choices... Will check head bolts by re-torquing them tomorrow, go from there. If they're good, I might just do the head gasket... Boy oh boy...!?

Just wanted to update the thread as I've not done so. Again, appreciate all input.
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