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Hi everyone, I am new, and irritated so go easy on me. 2003, 318ci

I have read through as many topics on this as I can find on this site and others so I will skip the basic "what do I do?!" nonsense.

What happened (I am in England, but from the states)

1. Car fails MOT on the fact the drivers side door was hard to open.
2. I google it, find this pikey adjustment screw everyone goes on about under the grommet, and proceed to back it off and tighten it up.
3. I seem to have tightened it too much and now it just spins in both directions. PROBLEM 1

Root Cause?

I have yet to remove the door card but I suspect the cable is dislodged from its carrier as seems to be the issue PROBLEM 2. I anticipate the zip tie fitting to be totally obnoxious and something I have to do soon. But now that I have this spinny adjustment screw, can I fix the actuator mechanism to lock that back up or do I need to purchase an actuator on ebay and swap it for the zip tie fix to work on the long cable?

I guess I have 1-weeks time to fix this all up and show the MOT guys it works or else pay some stupid amount of money for those morons to fix it.

Can the actuator assy be disassembled and the adjuster screw fixed?

Also, I have luckily ordered a replacement actuator assy from some junk yard on ebay and I should have it tomorrow. It is complete with the cable that goes up to the handle area.

I can see that more often than not its the actuator that causes the problem so I will start with this repair and just inspect the rest of the assy to confirm its not the handle. Inner handle works fine to pop the door, door locks seem to work fine as well.
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