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Originally Posted by ArchimedeYK View Post
Hi, i decided to sign up and post this thread because i could not find the answers to my questions anywhere. I currently have a 2003 320i 5 spd manual. I've found a good deal on a 330ci convertible however it is an automatic. I've done my research on the threads and basically know how to it. As i am very poor my question is if my full 320i manual tranny(flywheel,clutch, tranny, drieshatf and diff) can be bolted onto the 330ci, also if my 320i tranny can handle the torque. I ask this because a 2001 330 manual is a 5spd not 6.If it can be bolted how long do you will think it will last before the tranny blows? For now it will be my daily so not driven too hard but occasionaly
Won't it be cheaper to just buy a used tranny and driveshaft and new flywheel/clutch for a 330 and sell your 320i to cover the cost?
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