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2011_07_01 Just Completed Replacement of Front Right Door Actuator

I have a 2003 330ci Conv and followed the instructions in this thread to replace my Door Lock Actuator. The part online was $120 to $130 at five different places so it was more than this thread originally said. But worth it.

Note, as a handy guy I still found this to be less than easy to do. I could not get the original actuator out without removing the glass from the window. The instructions refer to "Female Torx Sockets" required for removing the window . . . the local auto parts stores had no idea what I was looking for. Went to Pep Boys and asked . . . they had no idea but I went to the socket aisle to see. I found one set and they are called Series E Sockets and you need an E-7 size to remove the window. DON'T forget . . . these are reverse threaded so Righty - Loosey in this case.

To remove the window completely you'l losten the front and then remove a bolt completely on the rear. Then you'll use Needle Nose pliars to take out a black plastic 6 sided sleeve that lines up the window and protects it from the bolt. Once that is out the window appears to want to come out. BUT IT WON'T unless you first pull off the inside window rubber guide (watch out for its sharp edges). The reason it won't is the window has a metal guid attached to it.

Once I had the window out it was an easy fix and the way the car is engineered . . . it was easy to put back together since the holes automatically allign the window and window track.

I can now unlock my passenger door with the key and it locks every time as well. Worth the $130 in parts instead of an initial mechanic estimate in excess of $550.

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