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Originally Posted by NSXBill View Post
Great, thanks.

I have a sedan, so no reiforcing plate, only a plastic splash sheild and the triangular tube reinforcement.

What type of bolt is this? Your pic seems to show a Torqx, and RealOEM seems to show a hex, and you mention an allen wrench, so....suppose they can all be different depending on which of three plants and when the car was made. AutoZone printout shows to torque to 4.5-5.5 ft-lbs for whatevery that's worth.
It's a hex, you can clearly see it a sides of the hex key for the socket before it plugs into the bolt head. It's a hex #5. Yours could possibly be a torx, I have only seen it once where BMW did the switcheroo from hex to torx bolt, which was on the ABS pulse sensor for the back wheels. I have been replacing any bolts and nuts that I undo on this car.

I'll get another pic posted of the sensor without the socket in it later tonight.
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