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Ho boy, a coolant thread....

I am no Mango fan, but I do work on a LOT of BMW’s and my best friend owns a BMW shop, and we both agree we see more failures on green coolant cars than blue. It’s subjective to some extent, but based on 20 years experience. Now that Advance and Autozone carry the “blue stuff” for reasonable prices, I see no reason NOT to use the blue.

I'd largely agree.
I do have an exception for my personal cars. On anything European I own (Yes my ol BMW K1100RT also) I choose to use the older version of Mercedes Benz coolant. (The clear/manilla colored stuff.) My reason for choosing was based upon decades of servicing German cars and noting pattern failures. MB cars have a much lower frequency of having the coolant turning acidic and eating the plasticizers of the cooling system. The only reason I could come up with (radiators/pumps/plastic hoses are made by the same vendors) was the coolant. I've been a happy camper since.

Caveats: MB coolant does NOT mix with other HOAT coolants. This means a complete flush is in order, to include the heater core. Then fill with a 50/50 mix of coolant & deionized water. Topping off is water only if you don't have more MB coolant on hand.
It's also impractical for 99% of my customers, as if they top off with any green stuff it will coagulate into nasty jelled balls. MB sells a Citric Cleaner for such contamination issues.
I'm also religious about semi-annual coolant changes.
Again the above isn't for most folks, just if you do all of your own maintenance and want that little extra edge, IMO the older MB coolant is the way to go, for my German cars and my older water cooled Beemer.
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