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Itís definitely fixable, but fixable doesnít mean viable. As stated, the insurance company will seek to total based on a percentage of the value of the car; different companies use different standards.

Luckily, the only part needed appears to be the lamp. The bumper, quarter, and tail lamp pocket are repairable. This is good because labor adds up less quickly than expensive parts. Also depending on the insurance company, they make seek to use LKQ parts (like kind & quality = used) or aftermarket new. This is good and not-so-good. Obviously we would all love factory new parts, but the reality is the car is 20 yrs old, and aftermarket, if allowed, saves money and may save the car. The big tell is what damage could there be behind the bumper. In none, thatís great. If thereís more it obviously works against you.

Donít be insulted by the initial estimate, adjusters are often encouraged to write very thin initial estimates in case people cash the check and never fix the car. Once in a shop, it will be disassembled, and any hidden damage can then be assessed. It will need pull time on a frame machine (body pull, not frame pull) and lots of body repair time on the quarter. If the color does not need to be blended into the door and deck lid, that saves repair costs also, but the silver works against you in this regard.

The one thing you can control is establishing the value of your car, using local market comps. Repair receipts donít usually add value unless they are major (new engine or trans).

Just work with the adjuster. The fallacy is that the insurance company wants to ďstealĒ your car by totaling it. Generally not true. Itís a lot of work for the company and the adjuster to total a vehicle, they donít make any money doing so. Good luck.
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