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Originally Posted by TobyB View Post
The rack gears come out of the rack- if anything is seriously wrong (like it's full of water and rusty, etc) you'll catch that.

What you want to see is relatively clean (hopefully, greased) gear teeth with little wear, and no ugly wear or galling on the side opposite the teeth that slides against the 'pretensioner'

Beyond that, if it feels good, it's probably good. They really don't go bad very often if the boots are intact.

hth, and good luck,
I made contact with ZF but it looks like they are trying to point it at a "bad alignment". 4 times in a row? ...

About the steering rack: I don't think I have the experience to tell what is normal wear and what is not, but I'll give it a visual inspection

Agreed, they rarely go bad, but then again, mine is And what I noticed over the years is that an E46 don't need much play to create unstable handling and vibrations, compared to any other car

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