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Thanks Terra! Confusing stuff.
Old cars are K and new cars are DCAN?
INPA talks K-line? Hence the conversion stuff ?

First, if I have an E46 and a facelift E83, should I bother with INPA at all?
Stick with PA Soft? Still have no idea when I would need INPA.

Next, if I do need INPA, it sounds like the Geeks cable is he only way to go.
The clone cables are unsafe for which cars exactly? 2010+? Or only cars with CIC/Ethernet stuff?
My 2010 E83 is pretty bare bones. Not even Bluetooth.

It sounds like Geeks cable is the way to go.
Less worry for an extra $20.
0714,0171: It was the MAF. NOT intake boots. NOT vacuum lines. NOT Fuel pump

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