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I am in MA and a salvage M54 3.0 engine is $500 to $1000. The cheapest way is to find a running parts car with this engine, test it for compression, buy it and part it out, keeping engine. I've sold a battery and a single spare wheel and got my $$ back before.

If you rebuild, the cost to machine head, new bolts, new head gasket, rent timing and time-sert tools is $350-$600. New piston rings, conn-rod bearings and bolts +$250

whether you buy a salvage engine or rebuild your own, you will want to refresh all the gaskets, seals, and most of the cooling components, including the hard plastic pipes under the intake. You will need new exhaust hardware and a few other things. This is $500


Replace Head gasket- only rebuild is $350-600 + 500 = $850 - $1100
Replace Head gasket + piston rings rebuild is $600 - $850 +500 = $1100-$1350

buy a salvage engine and freshen is $500-$1000 + 500 = $1000 -$1500

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