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Yet another alignment thread. [Pics of steering rack]

edit: Update in fifth post

I apologize for starting yet another alignment thread. But I have a small problem.
Before the alignment, my specs were this:
Front: camber -1°10' per side. 0°08' total toe in, caster: 4°55'
rear: camber -1°30' per side. 0°14' total toe in

The problem was that the car was really twitchy at highway speeds. Driving 75mph in a straight line was already a serious job. The car simply didn't drive nice.

What I thought was: I need more camber, and slightly more toe in. The camber was way too low imo.

So I decided to buy a pair of eccentric Z4M FCAB's to get more positive caster. So I went for a new alignment and the results were like this:

Front: Camber LEFT: -1°15' RIGHT: -0°49'. 0°14 Total toe in, caster: 6°
camber left was at his minimum and right at his max, so I cannot get both at the same values. Apparently the eccentric bushings made a greater impact on the camber than I thought. Is this a huge deal? Because the right camber looks kinda low. It's still within OEM specs, but OEM specs are **** imo.

Rear: same, but the alignment tech made a mistake. He also took the values when my ass was sitting in the car, so the computer could calculate how much more camber it was gonna get with my weight inside the car, but he confused the 2 values (with/without my ass), so instead of -1°30', the rear left now has -1°50'. Not a huge difference, but getting close to -2°, isn't that bad for the rear tires?

To the point
After these new specs, the car tracks more confident at higher speeds. Its still slightly twitchy, but lets say that driving 95mph feels about the same as 75mph felt before. So I see this as a win. But I do feel that there is still something off. When I drive high speeds and want to manouver or change lanes, it still feels like something is off, but I cannot say what (front/rear). Maybe anyone can chip in and advice on these specs?

Oh, right, my car has following mods

- Bilstein B12 (with Eibach pro kit springs)
- H&R sways, both on soft
- Z4M FCAB (powerflex 80A before, but is now irrelevant)
- Strongflex 80A RTAB and subframe bushings
- All other rear bushings recently replaced with Lemförder OEM-style rubber
- 4x Michelin PS4. 225 45 17 front, 245 40 17 rear

ALL suspension and steering parts have been replaced over the past 3 years. Steering rack, steering guibo, FCA's, steering rods, ... The only thing which MIGHT have some slight slack, is the rear sway bar endlinks, which I intend to replace in the future to adjustables.

Kind regards, and thank you (once again )

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