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Originally Posted by zheka130 View Post
Now I am thinking of changing back to my summer tires and driving on them until the snow starts to fall, or keeping these ones on and not enjoying my drives anymore
That's seems pretty much to be the choice you have.

But be aware, summer performance tires become next to useless for anything beyond cruising a subdivision around 40F (~5C). That is, the wonderful grip @ 80F (27C) disappears. Even at the lower speeds, expect braking distances to be longer.

As with most things in life, tire design involves compromises. And choosing which tire to drive means accepting those compromises. At one point, some years ago, when we were putting a lot of miles on one of our cars, it had 3 sets of tires (and went to autox in whatever it was wearing at the time):
  • Summer:
    June - Sept
    Average late freeze is the end of May
  • All-season:
    Oct - Nov; Apr - May
    Can be warm or below freezing; typically only light snow
  • Winter:
    Dec - March
    We get our first "meaningful" snow toward the end of November, and, thanks to lake-effect, the ground is typically covered until Easter
Tire technology has improved and we're putting fewer miles on the cars and use just two sets (summer and winter) for each. We have found that only the winter beater needs the serious, "full-bore" winter rubber and makes do with all-seasons the rest of the year.
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