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Originally Posted by DDtropical View Post
I have used pilot super sports, and am currently using all season pilot sport a/s 3+. That's all
If you don't have enough front camber, it'll chew up the shoulders of the PSS.

PS A/S 3+ isn't terrible, but it won't last. I would recommend doing one track track day on it to see where you're at with it, and then upgrading to a 200tw Extreme Performance Summer Tire.

These would be the Hankook RS4s (more durable than the rest, good grip range, won't have as much grip as RE71Rs, but it won't drop off in grip like the RE71Rs), RE71Rs, Direzza ZIII, others you can find on Tire Rack.

A medium between PS A/S 3+ and the Extremes would be the PSS or the Firestone Firehawk Indy 500s.

And then R-compounds would be more aggressive than the Extremes. Examples are the Toyo R888R, Federal RS-RR, Advan AD08R. I wouldn't recommend R compounds until you get some seat time. R compounds also are terrible on treadwear.

Keep in mind that while you might think that a tire is ****, it might be just that you're overdriving your car.

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