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So more updates
1) New tranny and clutch is in now im trying to wear clutch in by going 500 miles in stop and go traffic without shenanigans highway miles dont count
My gears go in nice and smooth , no more griding on downshifts and i can race and not lose 2 seconds on shifting because of the tranny but gotta wear in the clutch
2)New rear main seal
3) New seal for the housing holding rear main seal lmao))

NOW to the sh*t part
1) While taking old tranny out I snapped 3 main bolts that hold the tranny 2 long ones on the side and 1 short one on top ( m14 bolts i think) So i managed to pull 2 out , but the top one completely stripped clean with the surface , so I tried to drill it and it drilled aluminum around the bolt , but not the bolt itself so I guess 1 less bolt to hold the tranny hopefully wont hurt
2) Old guibo was completely sheared in pieces , replaced with a new one
3) Throw out bearing was shot / new one came with a clutch kit
4) In stock dual mass flywheel was so much play that it was suicidal to drive the car
5) Oem clutch disk was almost work out to the rivets
6) If you look on the surfaces the clutch slipped few times for sure but its all good new clutch , new flywheel
7)My o2 wires and plug was melted against the headers and probably melting right now cuz i forgot about them))

car has 40k miles on it AND I GOT HUGE CRACK IN THE REAR DRIVER REAR SUBFRAME MOUNT , ITS SO BIG ( pictures will be included soon, too lazy to post them up right now , cuz just finished the car today and was driving to wear in clutch ( 470 miles left)

So here im at the hands of you guys , I need an expert on that ( as far as I can tell I only got 1 crack , but who knows when i drop the subframe )

Its definitely have to be welded and reinforcement plates gotta get welded in , and i need a good solution for this
So this is where the build is at right now , im not turbocharging car untill I get crack sorted out , other wise with more torque it will definitely rip out
Also Im gonna weld my 2,93 diff cuz why not ( just in case i have spare one)

Since crack has to be fixed which means rear subframe will be out , I noticed that all of my bushings are shot so Im gonna reaplce all of the bushings in the back ( because front was done literary 2 days ago , because second lower control arm snapped on me pictures will be included)
I went on ecs tuning website and im planning to spend 400( everything will be poly no more regular crap rubber that brackes for me) bucks on subframe +_ diff + front and back swaybar bushings , which im probably gonna do the DIY ( How to fix/prevent tears in the back Fast , replace bushings , with quility and cheap , video will include how to low ball mechanics in the shop for the price)
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