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More updates with PICTURES
Here is the video of the exhaust pop if anyone is intrested
Ight so here we go https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?...1&l=e55f20cb33 This is album with pictures
1) So what ive done there is - Increased the size of wastegate hole quite a lot , trimmed metal around the wastegate flap so it opens more
2) My exhaust manifold the flange on it was a lot larger than a turbo one , so because of the turbo housing it would create a huge step , so I trimmed exhaust housing to be slightly larger than manifold flange so the step is gone .
3) I didnt know that my exhaust manifold the flange was threaded so I went to Home depot and bought 4 bolts with nuts and when I got back home to try them I found out threads but luckily for me I GOT THE RIGHT SIZE BOLT , i jsut had to shorten the bolt so it would fit and everything bolts perfect
4) Took time to figure out how turbo had to be clocked so thats all sorted ( still have to install this on the engine and see how that fits there
5) JB welded extra MAF to 3 inch tubing no picture for that , but ill make sure ill show it later.
So now im on my way to a guy that will do my clutch and tranny change , because tranny i have syncs worn out and i can "race" normally ( i could daily drive this tranny , but when i gotta get aggressive with downshifting or upshifting it gets stuck and i cant shift, also im gonna talk about the build with that guy if he's will to install this for me or let me use his lift.
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