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Originally Posted by Cdelossantoszhp View Post
Hi Damon - Sorry for the late response. I already have the bilstein pro kit installed on my BMW 330izhp, and I have to say it's an absolute improvement in ride quality and handling. The car feels more planted on the road, and the car takes on bumps with refinement. I've noticed that the car is a lot more stable at high speeds and my confidence has drastically increased on high speed and abrupt turns. I have no issues with speedbumps and driveways. I have a very steep driveway since I live in the mountains, and have no concerns. The B12 pro kit is the WAY TO GO if you daily drive your car (you can find it on turnermotorsport since that is where I ordered mine... great customer service and fast delivery). Hope that answers your questions!

Below is a pic with the new B12 pro kit installed!
I ended up ordering a set of BC Racing coil overs, also from Turner Motorsports. The main reason I went this route was because I was able to go to a higher spring rate in the front to compensate for the extra 200 lbs of the iron block LS.

They work out about the same price as the B12 pro kit after you add in the cost of new upper mounts etc.

Turner also told me that the front strut tower reinforcement plates are not necessary with the BR series coil overs. He did suggest I use the rear shock mount reinforcement plates though.

They look like really nice quality parts, and the reviews I found online we all very positive. I will let you know how they feel a few months from now.

USPS shows they delivered yesterday, but were not on my porch when I got home. Hopefully just a delivery receipt error and not a porch pirate. Will see tonight.
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