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Cheap Trick 01-18-2020 07:04 PM

Well said Don. Nothing like knowing people's lives and important missions depend on you, to focus your attention on doing the job right. And as Don said, nothing like the the feeling you get watching "your" bird burn a hole in the sky. Yes military hardware has tight specs but that doesn't make it unbreakable by any means. What it does mean is very very high reliability to meet the designated performance spec. Any nut, bolt, stud, etc. will still have an over torque failure point. Also distortion of the surfaces being compressed by over torque of fasteners can be as bad as snapping a fastener. So yes torque values are important and some more than others. I think we all agree we should pay attention to proper torque in the manner that our personal experience, training, and ability dictate. Those less experienced rightfully should be more concerned to about learning what items are most sensitive to a narrow torque range and to use a torque wrench to assure that recommended values are met. As people gain experience you come to understand what things are very torque sensitive and can work more intuitively with a wider range of working by "feel", successfully relying on the torque wrench only for the most sensitive item. Sound reasonable ?

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