Non-Smoker package information

Stephen of South Motors BMW was kind enough to track down the part numbers for the E46 non-smoker package (for my 1999 323i).

What he found was that you needed to replace the front and rear consoles that hold the ash trays. I couldn't believe it until I received the parts myself.

I tried just replacing the ash trays tonight with the non-smoker "bins", but they wouldn't fit. The difference is the ashtrays accommodate small lights on the left hand side. The non-smoker bins are 1/8" wider, preventing them from fitting. (I don't know why these bins can't have interior lighting, seems silly to me to have so many different parts).

I also recommend the plain black power plug, if you want to get rid of the cigarette lighter. I don't smoke, so I have no use for it, or if you have young children, you don't have to worry about them getting into trouble with a hot lighter.

Here are the part numbers and retail prices

51-16-8-222-183 $1.55 Plain Black Power Plug
51-16-8-205-378 $39.00 Front/Lower console
51-16-8-208-369 $15.30 Front storage bin for above
51-16-8-225-986 $27.75 Rear storage console/bin

Personally, I like what Honda has done, when I bought my '97 Prelude. It comes with a felt lined, lighted storage bin. If you smoke, you can pay $10 and get an ash tray to replace the bin.

Joseph Koral [email protected]