European Delivery FAQ

Q: What is the European Delivery Option otherwise known as eurodelivery?
A: When ordering a new BMW, the customer can go to Munich and pick up the new car at a showroom within BMW's vast HQ facility. The customer receives a 7% discount off MSRP, full insurance and, later, shipping back to the USA. The benefits are simple: a modest cost savings and the opportunity to drive this high performance vehicle in Europe where speed limits are higher and beautifully constructed roads take one through spectacular scenery. And of course, an opportunity to hit the German Autobahn which allows any speed. You have up to one month of driving in Europe and then the car is dropped at a shipping location and sent to your US dealer.The program is nicely described at BMW's American site. Go to and follow it into the European delivery section.

Q: How do you order?
A: At any US dealer, ask for the European Delivery specialist. It is important to do this when you call or first walk in. The sales staff becomes unhappy if they have spent time with you only to discover you might want European Delivery. Benefit to you is getting an experienced salesperson.

Q: How long does it take to get the vehicle in Europe after ordering?
A: Three months. You first order the car and set a pick up date. After about a month you should start to get correspondence which indicates you VIN# and BMW confirmation of the order. Look for more detail in the BMW site. And no, there is no way that I know of to short circuit this.

Q: When must I pay for the car?
A: One month before pick-up in Europe, you must pay for the car in full or conclude your financing.

Q: Is a deposit expected at the time of the order?
A: There is no rule about this but $500 USD seems typical. This is applied to the purchase.

Q: Is the price negotiable?
A: Yes. Because most cars do not come out of dealer allocation, the price is negotiable. However, keep in mind that the dealer has a fair bit of work to do to enable this delivery. Expect to pay about $1000 to $1200 under Euro MSRP if you find an amenable dealer. Certain very high demand cars like the CiC may not be discounted for European Delivery further than the published 7% off.

Q: Where can I find the Euro pricing info?
A: You can find pricing links from the main E46 FAQ.

Q: Can I order at one dealer and have it shipped to another?
A: Yes, although the receiving dealer may want to charge you up to $500 for vehicle prep since they made no commission on the sale. This is fair.

Q: Do I get a Euro or US spec vehicle?
A: You get the same US spec vehicle that you see on the dealer's lot…in every way. The cars are 50 state compatible. All are the same. Also, due to emission controls, US vehicles sometimes get lower power ratings than the same vehicle built to a European spec. There is nothing that you can do about this. Converting a European spec car for service in the US is not what the eurodelivery process is about.

: Are there any other costs or extra costs?
A: Other than your travel, no. All insurance and shipping is completely covered.

Q: What kind of insurance do you get?
A: 0.00 deductible full coverage that applies to all countries in western Europe. Ex-Soviet Bloc countries are not covered.

Q: How does the shipping work?
A: There are 14 drop off points across Europe including most major cities such as Paris and London. You simply arrive at one of them, they fill out a form and off you go.

Q: How long does it take to get the vehicle in the US after dropping?
A: For East Coast it seems that 4-5 weeks is typical. For West Coast, 6-7 weeks is typical.

Q: Do you really have to go to Munich to pick the car up?
A: Yes. Some actually just go for a day and then drop off the car. That is kind of extreme. It would be a terrible shame to not take advantage of the car in Europe.

Q: What is the delivery center like? How long will I wait?
A: Like a big dealership with an odd little snack bar. BMW buys you lunch. Coffee, pastries are good as is the shrimp salad. The rest is so-so. You may wait for hours. Bring a book. It is fun to look at some of the showroom cars which include diesels and chrome kits that we can't have! It seems to be smart to arrive early as it is first come first served.

Q: Where can I get maps and Autobahn permits, etc.
A: An office of ADAG (German equiv To AAA) offer maps free to AAA members. Also if you plan to visit Switzerland or Austria, buy your Autobahn permits there.

Q: Do I need to be patient in order to not go crazy while I wait for the car, first for Europe, then in the US?
A: Yes. But don't worry. You will go crazy anyway! Have fun!