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Coupe - Front Bumper Removal
Written by: Tim Jones (http://www.performanceIX.com) December 9, 2001

Tools Needed:
8 mm socket T-50 socket drive torx Flat screwdriver
Estimated time: 45 Minutes

1. Start by squeezing (compressing) the long lateral piece on one side and pull away from car. Work your way across in a similar manner. Set this piece aside.
2. Now you should be able to see two Phillips head screws securing the fog light case and laterals to the front of your car. Remove these.
3. Grab the fog light laterals and slide them towards the fog light (as indicated in the picture). They should move a noticeable amount and then pull out. This may require a little force, but they will come out.
4. With the fog light and laterals in your hand, rotate the light fixture until you can pull it out. Disconnect the bulb holder from the wiring harness and set housing aside.
5. Repeat for other side.
6. Unbolt the four bolts under the bumper with a 8mm socket. There are two bolts on each side in front of the wheels.
7. Use a flat head screwdriver to pry out the plastic connectors that hold the bottom of the bumper to the plastic engine shield. Put the Blade of the screwdriver between the two parts and twist and pry. The center should pull out then you can pop the connector out. They may be jammed up, there was one that I could not get to come apart and I had to cut it with a utility knife.
8. Remove the 8mm bolts in the wheel wells, one per side.
9. Separate the bumper from the wheel well lining. Start from the bottom of the bumper and sneak your fingers behind the bumper between the fender lining. Pull away from the car with a slight angle towards the front. You should be able to get the wheel well liner to flex enough that you can use your fingers to pry the fender lining towards the wheel and get it on the wheel side of the bumper.
10. Use a T-50 torx socket drive to undo the two long bolts that hold the bumper up front. The access holes are under the bumper in the front.
11. Slowly slide the bumper forward, having a friend at this point is very helpful. While you hold the bumper have your friend disconnect the horns, one per side.
12. Put the bumper aside being careful with the paint and you are done. Reverse instructions to reinstall.