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Sedan - Hagus Mirrors
Written by: Tim Jones (http://www.performanceIX.com) September 4, 2001

Tools Needed:
T-30 torx Flat head screw driver Friction tape (optional)
Estimated time: 45 Minutes

1. Start on the passenger door from the outside edge.
2. Pull the trim back and insert a screwdriver
3. The trick is to get the screwdriver to rest on the thick part of the trim right by the connector. Feel around for the connector with the screwdriver.
4. The just gently pry on the trim until it pops out.
5. Slide your fingers under the edges and work on the next connector
6. Work your way to the last connector; be careful as the end of the trim near the handle has small pegs that lock into the door handle.
7. Remove the two caps under the door handle.
8. Remove the cap on the door handle. Use a thin flat screwdriver to pry up on the panel. One you have it started use your hands to pull it out.
9. With the trim and caps off start removing the screws that hold on the door panel.
10. There are 5 screws total.
11. Remove the screws and set them aside.
12. Use a flat screwdriver or a panel remover to pry the bottom of the door panel loose. It is going to sounds like you broke something. That is just the door snaps popping out. You may break a couple of them, but they are cheap.
13. Use your hands to pop the rest of the snaps.
14. Work from the bottom up both sides and across the top.
15. Lift the door panel up and out.
16. With the door panel loose reach around and disconnect the door handle. Pull the white clip from the back forward.
17. Disconnect the wire holders from the back of the door panel.
18. Disconnect the wires from the speakers.
19. Set the door panel aside.
20. To remove the black plastic trim that hides the tweeter and the screws for the mirror start from the bottom of the door.
21. There are two plastic clips that hold the trim in. Grab the end of trim on the bottom and pull away from the door towards the hinge; the clips will pop out with the trim.
22. The trim is wedged in between the two rubber door trims. Slowly pull the trim out. Only pull it out enough to have room to work.
23. With the trim out of the way you should see three T-30 torx screws and the wires for the tweeter and the mirror.
24. Follow the mirror wires to where they lead under the gray foam door liner.
25. Pull the gray foam door liner back until you see the connectors.
26. Pull the mirrors connectors out of the holder and disconnect the mirror from the wiring harness.
27. Remove the three T-30 torx screws. Have a friend hold the mirror so it doesnít fall off.
28. With the torx removed pull the stock mirror off.
29. Push the wire connecter through the foam padding.
30. We are ready to put on the new mirror.
31. Feed the wires for the new mirrors back through the foam padding.
32. Pull the wire through the foam and test fit the mirrors.
33. Use a flat head screwdriver to push the trim under the edge of the mirror.
34. If everything looks good screw the mirror on. Remember that the torx screws also hold the tweeter so line that up with the screws. Cross tighten the screws for a solid mount.
35. There is a fair amount of excessive wiring. Wrap the wiring with friction tape and then coil it and tape the coil. Shove the coil under the gray foam by the connector. Make sure that is cannot get tangled with anything inside the door.
36. Connect the mirror plug to the factory harness.
37. Push the gray foam back in place. Make sure it seals properly, if it is cold out the black glue may need to be heated up with a hair dryer.
38. Replace the trim, door panel and door trim and you are done. Make sure that the trim that covers the mirrors seats properly along the window. Use your hands to pull it into place if need be.
39. The driverís side is the same basic steps. The only difference is the routing of the mirror wiring.
40. When you take the drivers side door panel off you will see that the mirror wiring leads in to the door handle. It plugs into the mirror control.
41. Unplug the mirror from the mirror control.
42. Take off the door panel and you will see the wire leading to the mirrors.
43. Install the mirrors using the instructions above.
44. If the glass isnít in the mirrors install it now. The glass snaps on, line up the connectors and push them on.
45. Test that the mirrors work properly. If everything works you are done.