BMW E46 M3 - UUC Aluminum Pedal Install

Written by: SAF from's E46 M3 forum May 15th, 2001

Tools Needed:
Power Drill
1/8" drill bit

Estimated time: 45 Minutes

The kit: The kit cost $100 from UUC MotorWerks and comes with 1 clutch pedal, 1 brake pedal, 1 accelerator pedal, and a bag that contains 12 screws, 12 washers, 12 bolts and 1 Allan wrench.
So, after removing the rubber covers from the clutch and brake pedal, you should immediately notice that the brake pedal is metal, and the clutch and accelerator are both plastic.
Clutch Pedal: This is the easy part. Simply position the UUC pedal over the clutch pedal and drill small marks to indicate the position of the holes. You don't have to drill all the way through while holding the UUC pedal in position, and I recommend you don't either because your arms will get tired very easily. After you make the marks, remove the UUC pedal and drill the holes with ease in the marks that you made. Position the pedal back on the clutch pedal and fasten it with the bolts provided.
Brake Pedal: Notice how the brake pedal has grooves going across it (see above picture)? They are there to make your life harder during this installation. What you want to do here is drill the holes inside the grooves. If you drill the holes over the 'humps' instead, the drill may be hard to control and you could end up making swiss cheese out of your brake pedal. Luckily, if you position the UUC pedal over the brake pedal the right way, you'll notice that the holes will line-up directly over a groove. Drill small marks the same way as with the clutch pedal and then remove the UUC pedal to finish off the drilling.
Accelerator Pedal: The accelerator pedal is plastic just like the clutch pedal, so use the same technique and you'll be fine.
In the end, this is what it looks like. The pedal set matches with the dead pedal, so what more could you ask for?