BMW E46 Coupe - Fog Light Replacement
Written by: Jordan Buser May 25, 2001

Tools and Parts Needed:

Phillips Head Screwdriver
9006 or HB4 Foglight Bulbs

Estimated time: 15 Minutes

1. Start by squeezing (compressing) the long lateral piece on one side and pull away from car.  Work your way across in a similar manner.  Set this piece aside.
2. Now you should be able to see two phillips head screws securing the fog light case and laterals to the front of your car.  Remove these.
3. Grab the fog light laterals and slide them towards the fog light (as indicated in the picture to the right).  They should move a noticeable amount and then pull out.  This may require a little force, but they will come out.
4. With the foglight and laterals in your hand, rotate the light fixture until you can pull it out.
5. The picture to the right shows how to remove the stock bulbs.  First push down on the clip and then slide the bulb out.  BE SURE TO NEVER TOUCH THE GLASS OF ANY BULB!!  The oil from your fingers could cause the bulb to burst when lit.
6. Replace with your new bulb and reinstall all the pieces you took out.  Pay attention to this little pin as you must first put this in before the foglight case can be reinstalled.  You will know exactly what I am talking about when you have yours in your hand.