BMW e46 3 Series Clear Corner Install
Written by: Tim Jones May 21, 2001

Tools and Parts Needed:
Long flat head screw driver
10 mm socket
Dremal tool (maybe needed with non-OEM clears)
Credit card (optional)

Estimated time: 30 minutes

Front Indicators
1. Open hood
2. Next to the headlights on the fender find the oval opening behind the corner indicator.
3. Use flashlight to locate plastic clip that holds the indicator in. Notice the slight notch, this is where you want to put the screwdriver.
Notch shown here with indicator removed from car.
4. Insert screwdriver in hole, with the blade inline with the bumper so it will get into the notch. Push down on screwdriver with medium force.
5. Screwdriver shown with indicator removed from car.
6. While pushing down also push forward to force the indicator out of car, grab the edges and pull out.
7. The corner of the indicator should pop out.
8. Start to pull the indicator out while still pushing down on the clip.
9. Once the indicator is a little ways out pull the screwdriver out and remove the indicator.
10. Remove the bulb socket from the corner by turning the bulb socket; leave the bulb socket plugged in. If you are using different bulbs this is the time to switch them.
NOTE: If the connectors that came with the car are used standard indicator bulbs will fit with out removing a pin.
11. Insert the bulb into the clear indicator and turn to lock back in place.
12. Line up the plastic tabs and push indicator in. Indicator should click in.
13. Repeat for other side.
Side indicator
There are two ways this can be done, with a credit card, and by hand. I recommend doing this by hand to minimize the risk of scratching the car.
14. Using both hands grab onto the side indicator. If you are using a credit card slide it under the rear of the indicator.
15. Push indicator forward to compress the retainer clip.
16. Grab the rear edge of the indicator and pull it out.
17. To fully remove the indicator from the fender turn it 90 degrees so it is pointing up and pull it out.
18. Disconnect the bulb socket by turning it. Leave the socket connected to the wire. If you are replacing the bulbs now is the time to do it.
19. Insert the bulb into the clear indicator and lock socket in by turning it.
20. Insert front of indicator with metal clip in the fender hole, push forward and snap the rear of the indicator in, it will snap in.
21. Repeat for other side.
Rear Indicators
22. Open trunk.
23. Remove bulb holder by pulling on clip.
24. Disconnect it for the wiring by pressing on the clip and pulling out.
25. Remove the two exposed nuts with a 10 mm socket.
26. For the Coupe fold back the trunk lining on the passanger side to get at the third bold. On the drivers side you need to remove a plastic clip.
27. For the sedan you need to remove plastic retaining clips on both sides. Prying the cap out with a screwdriver then pull the whole clip out. With the clip out fold back the trunk lining.
28. Remove the last bolt holding the light in, hold the light so it doesn't fall out.
29. If you have non-OEM lights you may have to use some parts off the stock lights, check to see if you need any parts.
30. Insert the new Clear light and hand tighten the nuts to hold the light in.
31. There is some room for adjustment, push the light around to make it fit better.
32. Use the socket to tighten the nuts. Cross tighten them for even pressure.
33. Unfold the trunk trim into the correct locations, if you removed any clips replace them.
34. If you have aftermarket bulbs you should install them now.
35. If the bulbs have offset pins you can sneak them in with out removing a pin. Put the bulb in angled.
36. Turn the bulb with one pin under the metal.
37. When the other pin lines up with the slot wiggle it so will slide into the slot. The bulb should now be in the socket like normal.
38. Turn the bulb to lock it in.
39. Reconnect the wire connectors to the bulb holder.
40. Snap the bulb holder into the light and you are done.