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Finally revisited this today and got it installed. Took 2 of us, here's how we did it:

- > 12" F-clamp (I used a 24" since at that length they are beefier!)
- Hockey puck (every Canadian has one)
- Drill and bits (I think 5/8" bit)

- The top must be out of the car and fully extended
- Install the lower pin of the hydraulic cylinder and attach the gas strut.
- Attach the gas strut to the other pin.
- Line up the hydraulic cylinder and shove the pin in. It will be on a horrible angle since the gas strut is too long. Hit it with a mallet to get it started.
- This is where being Canadian helps. The top of the gas strut is rounded, so its hard to get a clamp on it. We drilled a hole in a hockey puck for the top of the gas strut to fit into and give us a better surface to clamp.
- Even with the hockey puck you'll need 2 guys to ensure the clamp doesn't slip.
- Racket the clamp down, at one point the pin will straighten out enough and just slip right in (hopefully in and not out! try to keep pressure on the pin)
- Bam! Done! Get a case of Canadian beer (not American piss) and celebrate!

I wish we took photos, it was hilarious to get this done.

- There are 2 bolts on either side that limit the movement of the top. If you crank these down you can get a bit more extension of the top, yet not enough to get the gas strut on.

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